V17 Instruments

During the July 25-August 29, 2017 Regional Cabled Array VISIONS’17 cruise onboard the R/V Roger Revelle using the remotely operated vehicle Jason more than 120 cabled instruments will be recovered and reinstalled on the submarine fiber optic observatory.

During this cruise,

  • 6 instrumented science pods on the Shallow Profiler Moorings  will be recovered, installed, and tested on the 12 ft across, 7 ton platforms at 200 m water depth as part of the Shallow Profiler Moorings. Each mooring hosts 18 diverse instruments;
  • 2 Deep Profiler moorings will be recovered and renstalled, each hosting an instrumented Mclane wire crawler;
  • 7 instrumented secondary junction boxes, each hosting an diverse array of instruments were recovered and reinstalled; and
  • 2 Benthic Experiment Platforms will be recovered and reinstalled.

CTD water casts to measure ocean parameters, and fluid sampling and analyses of seawater, seep and hydrothermal fluids will be conducted for instrument verification.