VAST Program Themes

Below is a list of the Themes that will be covered in the VAST Curriculum.  Each theme includes a suite of online resources (Stories, Articles, Lectures, Feature Videos, images, etc.). Click on each theme to view the list of suggested online resources, each of which is hyperlinked to the URL.

You may also download the VAST Program Online Resources document (Excel spreadsheet, at left) that contains the names and URLs for all the resources listed within each thematic area.


I.      Overview: VISIONS '11 Cruise and Participants

II.     What is the Rationale for Studying the Ocean?

III.    The Ocean Observatory Initiative's Cabled Observatory on the Juan de Fuca Plate

IV.    Axial Seamount: an Active Undersea Volcano on the Juan de Fuca Spreading Ridge

        (Lava Flow Morphologies on Axial Seamount – Lab Exercise)

V.     Hydrothermal Vents and Sulfide Chimneys

VI.   Technologies and Instrumentation Used in VISIONS '11

VII.   Research Results by Undergraduate Students from the University of Washington

Note:  Although the VAST Pilot Program target audience is early-career undergraduate students, many of the online resources are suitable for a broad audience of learners.