Virtual Dives on Axial Seamount using a Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV

HD video of the caldera of Axial Seamount was filmed during the ENLIGHTEN '10 Expedition, using the ROV Jason.  Clips of several dives have been pieced together to create 5 short virtual dives, each of which is approximately 4 minutes long.  Before viewing the videos, open the ROV Dive Log Sheet (Excel spreadsheet), and record your observations throughout each dive, identifying the type of lava flow morphology and features.  Include approximate times of transitions from one morphology to the next (there is a time stamp along the bottom of the video if you place your cursor over the control bar).

Imagine that you are viewing this part of the seafloor for the first time. For the first time you view each video, avoid pausing, skipping ahead, or fast forwarding.  Watch the entire video first, then go back and pause/rewind as often as you wish to record your observations.

ROV Virtual Dive 1

ROV Virtual Dive 2

ROV Virtual Dive 3

ROV Virtual Dive 4

ROV Virtual Dive 5