VISIONS 15 Instruments

The 35-day Cabled Array VISIONS’15 cruise onboard the R/V Thompson using the CSSF remotely operated vehicle ROPOS (for the first Operations and Maintenance cruise for the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative) was highly successfu. A total number of cabled instruments now sending live data back from the ocean is 130!

During this cruise,

3 instrumented shallow winched profilers, each hosting two instrumented platforms were recovered and reinstalled with a total of 51 instruments;
3 deep profiler moorings were installed, each hosting an instrumented Mclane wire crawler (one now recovered);
2 instrumented low-power junction boxes, each hosting 6 instruments were recovered and reinstalled; and
2 Benthic Experiment Platforms were recovered and reinstalled.

In total, ROPOS completed 55 dives over the 35 day cruise with almost no downtime.