Out to Sea We Go

Yesterday was a very intense, busy time that saw the arrival of the eight VISIONS students aboard the R/V Atlantis, including two from Queens College, and the remaining scientists to complete the science party. All gear is now loaded onboard, with a very full back deck and an even more full Main Lab where the science folks, engineers, and students work. Today we are squirreling all gear away, ensuring that everything is in its proper place and tied down as we enter the Pacific Ocean tomorrow. The Jason team is finishing up their preparations and testing of the vehicle.

VISIONS19 students become familiar with the CTD in preparation for an upcoming cast to collect ocean water. Credit: M. Vardaro, UW, V19.

We had our first Safety meeting and the students are getting a run down on safe deployment of the CTD and its operations, as tomorrow afternoon this will be our first science objective.

The weather gods are shining on us with >70° temperatures and sunny skies. Folks are out and about enjoying long walks before we are constrained to a 274 ft long space onboard the ship. A seal has been keeping us company, playing in the bay.

After nearly a year of preparing for this cruise, we very much look forward to being at sea again and completing a rapid series of dives on the Shallow Profiler Moorings to turn the instrumented platforms.

All will get a good sleep onboard tonight in preparation for tomorrow when 24 hour operations begin…..