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Monitoring heat output at ASHES

Over twenty years ago, I was invited to join a team of geologists, acousticians (physicists who study sound), and engineers and help develop instrumentation that can measure the heat content in hot springs on underwater volcanoes. To a geologist

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A Shifting Perspective

"Once we're on station we'll dive to unplug and recover the mooring. We won’t need the winch or crane until they start the deck ops"

The confidence with which I said that

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Research Cruise and Me

Imagine you sign up for a research cruise, your first… what should you expect?  I was 53 when I got this opportunity; more likely you will be in your late teens or early twenties.

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Farther and Deeper We Go

Leg 4 has gotten off to a good start. The R/V Revelle left Newport the evening of July 20th for the last time this cruise.  The primary goal of this last leg is to repair or replace the three

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Eve Hudson’s Blogs Leg 4

will work on editing and organizing videos some more as well as cleaning my room and getting ready to depart. Packing up feels strange. Though I have only been here for 6 weeks, it has felt like much, much longer.

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