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Lauren Kowalski’s Blog

I want to stay longer, I love this environment. It’s amazing seeing what really happens in the realm of science past school, past what’s confined at the university and in labs.

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Tysen Mulder’s Blog

This is a pretty remarkable time to be alive, and an even better one to be young. Life here on planet Earth seems to be changing, slowly now, but already the difference between life today and life 20 years ago is astounding

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Victoria Selesnick’s Blog

This is the kind of supportive and strenuous environment is exactly what I hoped I’d experience on my leg of Visions’14, and what I will strive to be part of, both professionally and personally, in the future

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Jack MaCafferty Blog

When doing IRLS for any dive we are to mention any sightings of biology. For my dives those have included hagfish, starfish, ctenophores, sea urchins and some siphonophores.

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Quinlan Lonergan Blog

Thoughtfulness when at sea seems as inescapable as it is inevitable. I ponder at length the line of men dating back centuries, who, though we share no blood, I feel deeply connected to by my pontifications at sea.

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Claire Knox Blog V14

Last night, I had watch from 2000-2400. While on watch I write the log for the ROV dive which is like writing the closed captioning for a video.

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