Category: Student Blog 2014

Neah Baechler Blog

Gravity. It escapes conscious thought most of the time and when it does draw the minds eye its generally in the form of a ludicrous man sitting under an apple tree, apple in hand, a dotted line and unsavory expression connecting him to the branch above.

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Matthew Tomko Blog

Last day of the cruise. Most of it spent in slight seasickness, although not enough for any drastic measures. We presented projects today.

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Corey King Blog

We are back in Newport. Leg 2 has come to a close. Now that things have calmed down, it seems like the time for a little reflection.

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Rachel Hubbard Blog

Today is my last full day on the R/V Thompson. We started steaming toward Newport at noon today and the plan is to be there by 2 PM

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Ryan Brennan Blog

Today my shift was extremely productive. We finally got permission from NSF to plug the cables into the node at Axial Base. It was an exciting

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