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Owen Coyle

Owen Coyle is a graduate student in the University of Washington School of Oceanography. Part earth scientist, part computer programmer, he is in

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Owen Coyle – fake

Owen is a first year graduate student in Biological Oceanography at the University of Washington.  He received his B.S. at Princeton

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Student Blogs

As part of their participation in the VISIONS '13, students in the University of Washington's Sea-going Research & Discovery Course a

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Earthquake Data

There’s excitement ricocheting around the ship as word spreads that our small network of instruments—two seismometers and one bottom-

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Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming unexpected challenges is part of any oceanographic cruise. On Tuesday, 23 July, the VISIONS ’13 team was presented with an unexp

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As the Spool Turns

Today, it was all about the cables that deliver power and data to the ocean observatory’s secondary nodes at the Axial volcano. Read More »