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The Canadian remotely operated vehicle (ROV) called ROPOS is a robotic vehicle used during the UW-OOI-NSF VISIONS'14 expedition to install much of the Secondary Infrastructure

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VISIONS 15 Operations and Technologies

VISIONS '15 operations are focused on completing installation of the Cabled Array of the National Science Foundation's Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). Work is scheduled at the cabled observatory's six main study sites: two (Axi

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Axial Caldera V15

Axial Seamount is the most magmatically robust volcano on the Juan de Fuca Ridge spreading center, having erupted in 1998 and most recently in April 2015

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Axial Base V15

Location: 46.1082ºN  129.6182ºW          Water Depth: 2650-2654 meters         Primary Node: PN3A

The study site at the base of Axial

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Slope Base V15

Location: 44.6ºN  125.4ºW         Water Depth: 2906-2909 meters        Primary Node: PN1A

The Slope Base study site (Primary Node PN1A) is locat

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Southern Hydrate Ridge V15

The Southern Hydrate Ridge study site (~10 km north of Primary Node PN1B) hosts abundant deposits of frozen methane (methane hydrates) that are buried beneath the seafloor.

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Endurance Offshore V15

The Endurance Offshore Study Site at OOI RSN Primary Node PN1C will host two cabled moorings and and one uncabled mooring, as well as a seafloor Benthic Experiment Package (BEP).

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