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Endurance Inshore V15

The Oregon Inshore Site, at a water depth of 80 m, is the shallowest cabled site along the Oregon Endurance Array. It is part of the Endurance Array, which in total, the includes two cross-shelf moored array lines

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Students VISIONS 15

For over two decades, the University of Washington has enabled at-sea experiences for undergraduate and graduate students through cruise participation.

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V15 Science

VISIONS ’15 work is scheduled at the cabled observatory's main study sites: two (Axial Base and Read More »

VISIONS 15 Instruments

The 35-day Cabled Array VISIONS’15 cruise onboard the R/V Thompson using the CSSF remotely operated vehicle ROPOS (for the first Operations and Maintenance cruise for the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observat

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Students Please Join Us At Sea Summer 2015

We are looking for students interested in the UW Sea-Going Research and Discovery course (OCEAN 411). This at-sea course will provide you direct participation on a global-class research ship using a state-of the-art underwater robotic vehicle (R

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