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VISIONS16 Instruments

During the VISIONS'16 expedition it is anticpated that previously deployed instruments will be recovered and replaced as part of annual maintaince on the OOI Cable Array. The instruments include those that measure physical, biological, chemi

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Endurance Inshore V16

Location: 44°38.238ºN  124°18.336ºW     Water Depth: 80 meters       

The Oregon Inshore Site, at a water depth of 80 m, is the shallowest

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Endurance Offshore V16

Location: 44.2ºN  124.6ºW     Water Depth: 585 to 615 meters      

The Endurance Offshore Study Site at OOI RSN Primary Node PN1C will host two cabled m

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Southern Hydrate Ridge V16

Location: 44.6ºN  125.1ºW     Water Depth: 780-771 meters        

The Southern Hydrate Ridge study site (~10 km north of Primary Node PN1B) ho

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Axial Caldera V16

Axial Seamount is the most magmatically robust volcano on the Juan de Fuca Ridge spreading center, having erupted in 1998 and most re

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Primary Infrastructure V16

The Cabled Array relies on telecom industry sub-sea cable to provide power (10 kV DC, up to 8 A) and communications (10 Gb/s) via fiber-optics and copper between the Primary Nodes and the Shore Station in Pacific City, Oregon.

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Junction Boxes V16

Eighteen junction boxes have been operational since they were installed and hooked up to the Primary Infrastructure in 2014.

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Shallow Profiling Mooring V16

The state-of-the-art Shallow Profiler mooring features a two-legged system that terminates at a 200-m Platform. The 12 ft across platform hosts an instrumented winched Shallow Profiler that travels from 200 m to just below the oceans surface

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