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Deep Profiling Mooring V16

The Deep Profiler vertical mooring hosts an instrumented deep wire crawler (McLane) that measures ocean properties from ~2900 m to ~ 200 m water depth. Power and data transfer are provided via an inductive couple. The following instruments are i

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RV Sikuliaq V16

The 261 foot R/V Sikuliaq, pronounced [see-KOO-lee-auk], is an oceanographic research ship that is part of the UNOLS fleet.The vessel is owned by the National Science Foundation and operated by the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

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Preparing For the VISIONS16 Expedition

Following nine months of highly successful Cabled Array operations, the University of Washington Cabled Array team is once gearing up for their second Operations and Maintenance cruise VISIONS’16. The 38-day expedition will be aboard the <

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