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VISIONS17 Students at Sea

This outreach video was created by Willem Weertman, a UW School of Oceanography undergraduate who participated on Leg 1 of the VISIONS’17 program. The video is meant to serve as a visual guide to what students experience and learn when the

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Diel Vertical Migration During a Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse occurred off the Oregon Coast at 10:15am on August 21, 2017, during the third leg of the OOI-UW Cabled Array cruise aboard the R/V Roger Revelle.  On the evening before departing on Leg 3 of the cruise, U

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From Cruise to the Classroom

In 2017, UW graduate student, Sasha Seroy, sailed on the VISIONS'17 expedition to gain experience in sea-going oceanography using remotely operated vehicles and knowledge about what it takes to operate and maintain the UW-operated Cabled Obs

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Coastal Arthropods

Crustaceans like spider crabs, squat lobsters, shrimp and sea spiders all belong to Phylum Arthropoda. Scroll down to learn of the most common crustaceans at Southern Hydrate Ridge coastal community.


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Coastal Cnidaria

Phylum Cnidaria includes jellies, anemones and coral, all of which may be found at coastal communities like Southern Hydrate Ridge, Slope Base, and the 600 m Oregon Offshore site.

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Coastal Echinoderms

Sea cucumbers (Class Holothuroidea) belong to Phylum Echinodermata. Echinoderms are common at coastal communities. These species of echinoderm were documented at Slope Base site.

Unknown Sea Cucumber 

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