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Junction Boxes V17

Secondary nodes, also called junction boxes were installed during the VISIONS'14 expedition. They serve as electrical and communications outlets to 23 kilometers of extension cables and ~140 instruments that are installed at depths …

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Tran Do Bao

My name is Bao Tran Do. I go by Tran but it is pronounce as Tron like Megatron or Tron Legacy due to the way how my native language structured. I am currently now a Junior and majoring in Earth, Space, and Science-Physics. I am a chocoholic and

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Primary Infrastructure V17

Primary Infrastructure on the Regional Cabled Array includes Primary Nodes (seafloor substations) and modified telecommunication industry sub-sea fiber optic cables that provide power (10 kV DC, up to 8 A) and communications (10 Gb/s) from a Sho

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V17 Students

For over two decades, the University of Washington has enabled at-sea experiences for undergraduate and graduate students through cruise participation.

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RV Roger Revelle

The Regional Cabled Array OOI-NSF VISIONS'17 cruise will utilize the research ship the R/V Roger Revelle operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanograpy. The Revelle is a sister sh

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Shallow Profiler Mooring V17

The University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory designed and installed state-of-the-art Shallow Profiler Moorings unlike any now in the worlds' oceans to meet the science requirements for

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Axial Base V17

Location: 46.1082ºN  129.6182ºW      Water Depth: 2650-2654 meters

In contrast to the margin setting of the Slope Base Site (PN1A), the Axial Base Site (PN3A) at the foot of Axi

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Axial Caldera V17

Location: 46.1ºN  130.0ºW    Water Depth: 1510-1530 meters 

Axial Seamount on the Juan de Fuca spreading center is an optimal site for a long-term observatory. It is located just one

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Endurance Shelf V17

Location: 44°38.238ºN  124°18.336ºW     Water Depth: 80 meters      

The Oregon Endurance Shelf Site, at a water depth of 80 m, is the shallowes

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Endurance Offshore V17

Location: 44.2ºN  124.6ºW     Water Depth: 585 to 615 meters     

The Endurance Offshore Study Site at OOI RSN Primary Node PN1C will host two cabled mooring

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