Lesson 4: Data Collection Instruments (1)

Lesson 4: Data Collection Instruments (1)
Students will gain an understanding of instruments that measure sea floor changes. They will work in groups to build models of these data collecting tools.

Esential Questions

  • What instruments are used to figure out that the ocean floor has changed over time?

  • What are some of the complications scientists face when deploying tools in a deep ocean environment?

  • How does the Regional Cabled Array underwater observatory collect data?

  • How do scientists know that Earth’s plates have shifted?

Scientific Phenomena

Show underwater earthquakes at Axial Seamount.

Estimated time to Complete

Four (50 minute) Class Periods

Next Generation Science Standards

MS-ESS2-2 Students will construct an explanation based on evidence for how a geoscience process (movement of tectonic plates) has changed Earth’s surface. MS-ESS2-2 Earth’s Systems | Next Generation Science Standards.

MS-ETS1-4 Students will develop a model to generate data to test ideas about designed systems, including those representing inputs and outputs. MS-ETS1-4 Engineering Design | Next Generation Science Standards. 


You will need cardboard box (approximately 14” x 6” 12”), 12 ounce cup or can, string, roll of adding machine paper, pennies, felt pens, tape, dowel to fit adding machine paper roll 


Earthquakes at Axial Seamount