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Recovery of a Platform Interface Assembly

An instrumented "Platform Interface Assembly" from the Slope Base site is recovered onto the deck of the R/V Revelle during the OOI-NSF Cabled Array expedition lead by the University of Washington. The platform was attached to a 7,000 lb, 12 ft across mooring platform at 200 m beneath the suface. Attached to the cable it host 18 instruments sending live data to shore 24/7. Credit: M. Elend, University of Washington, V18.

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Life on a Syntactic Foam Island

Life thrives on the Shallow Profiler Mooring platforms at 200 m beneath the oceans' surface. This 12 ft across mooring platform is coated in dense communities of very large anenomes, small pink sea urchins, feathery brown crinoids , and small crabs and shrimp…the closer you look the more you see. Credit: UW/NSF-OOI/Jason.

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Shallow Profiler Operating

Since the late summer, 2015, each of the three cabled Shallow Profiler Mooring winched science pods have made >7000 cycles from 600 ft water depth to just beneath the oceans' surface. Real-time command and control of these systems through the Internet provides response capabilites such that the science pods can be stopped to take key measurements in response to events that include the passing over of biologically-rich thin layers. Credit: University of Washington, NSF-OOI/ROPOS, V15.

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Glass Balls on Deep Profiler Float Slope Base

Yellow "hard hats" encase glass floatation spheres that top the infrastructure on the Deep Profiler Morrings. These spheres were being installed from the fantail of the R/V Thompson as part of the Slope Base Mooring during Leg 2 of the NSF-OOI-UW Cabled Array VISIONS'15 crusie. Credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington. V15.

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Slope Base Deep Profiler Float 2015

The top of the Deep Profiler mooring at the Slope Base site is marked by a large syntactic foam float. This was installed during Leg 2 of the NSF-OOI-UW Cabled Array VISIONS'15 expedition. Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/ISS; V15 – ROPOS Dive R1855.

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A Team Effort

APL team wrapping yale grips to relieve tension on deployed mooring cable. Leg 2 Visions’15 expedition: Credit: Lauren Kowalski, University of Washington, V15.

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