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End of Leg 7

Leg 7 of VISIONS ’14 was only a single dive, to deploy a cabled surface-piercing profiler at the Oregon Shelf site. This successful dive concludes the entire summer of deployments on a high note.

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Package Delivered

Today was an especially exciting day for the Oregon State portion of the Ocean Observatories Initiative, the Endurance Array. Today we delivered the Benthic Experiment Package to the seafloor.

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The Golden Spike

When construction of the Transcontinental Railroad was completed in the 1800s, a golden spike was hammered in to officially link the two coasts of the country. During dive R1741 last night we witnessed the ROV making a similarly historic connection.

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HPIES and Cake and profilers

The day was dominated by an epic ROPOS dive to relocate the platforms deployed during yesterday’s deck operations, plug them in, and collect samples, finishing up the work at the Axial Base site.

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VISIONS 14 Leg 2 Begins

The R/V Thompson left Newport to start Leg 2 on August 1, 2014, heading for the Slope Base site. We deployed a Low Voltage node (LV01A) and conducted a couple of CTD casts.

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