Category: Daily Blog 2013

Arrived in Victoria BC

We are almost home after our soon to be 47 days at sea. We arrived in Victoria BC at ~ 0730 this morning under calm seas and cloudy skies. With a

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Operations Complete

The VISIONS'13 expedition is nearing its completion. The R/V Thompson is on its way to Victoria to offload the ROV ROPOS, before transiting to

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Days Flying By

Since the exciting and incredibly successful powering up of the high-definition camera, two short-period seismometers, and thermistor array,

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Back to Axial Volcano

After transiting ~ 20 hrs from the base of the continental margin, we arrived once again at the place we have grown so fond of  – Axial Volc

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Beginning Leg 4

This morning the R/V Thompson began its transit from Newport Oregon to Southern Hydrate Ridge. Onboard we have eight students, a group of enginee

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