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An Endless Stream of Coffee

I never drank coffee until I became a teacher. Fourteen years of teaching and now I look forward to my cup of coffee every morning. It isn’t the taste or smell I look forward to. Routine brings me comfort.

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John Casey

On June 30, during the orientation and safety meeting for Leg 4 of Visions ‘19, I felt my phone vibrate inside my pocket. It rang for a long time.

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Night Owls

At 3 am on any given day of VISIONS’19, you can be sure that a lively scene is unfolding under a spinning disco ball inside a blue shipping container on the Atlantis’s focsle deck.

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Teacher Stowaway – Working for Room and Board

This is a ship I cannot sleep on. Everything is different from being on land. The rolling of the waves, noises of the engine, sloshing sounds of waves against the hull, echoing of a 24-hour working metal city, and shared “head” for 5 people that sounds like it is situated right by my pillow.

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In Hot Water

On the surface, 300 miles offshore of Oregon, the R/V Atlantis is surrounded on all sides by deep blue water and rolling swells, with no

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Crawling the Wire

When thinking about the ocean, most people picture either the shore and the surface (beaches, waves, sunshine, fishing, etc.) or the seafloor (sand, mud, sea

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