Category: Student Blog 2018

Jasmine Durant’s Blogs Leg 4

The dive was mostly complete. 2600 meters of ascent to 100 meters and then a beacon removal from a deep profiler float was done.

Eve Hudson’s Blogs Leg 4

will work on editing and organizing videos some more as well as cleaning my room and getting ready to depart. Packing up feels strange. Though I have only been here for 6 weeks, it has felt like much, much longer.

Katie Gonzalez’s Blogs Leg 4

Even though we didn’t get to go to El Guapo, I experienced something EXTREMELY AMAZING! Korey let me maneuver JASON’s starboard manipulator.

Student Blogs VISIONS18 Leg 4

During the UW-NSF-OOI VISIONS'18 Cabled Array expedition, 23 undergraduate and graduate students from across the US and globe will participate in at-sea activities. For many, this will be their first time at sea. Below, they share their expe

Eve Hudson’s Blogs Leg 3

Today’s deployment was of the EOM cable with its anchor and two cages with plug-ins to connect other equipment to.

Katie Gonzalez’s Blogs Leg 3

The morning started with our arrival in Newport. It was very foggy and gave an eerie feeling as we pulled closer to the jetty, but once we saw land it was beautiful.

Ashley Lobao’s Blogs Leg 3

The mechanical leg and the platform of the two-legged mooring was successfully installed today. This meant that Jason is allowed to install the two science packages onto the platform.