Category: Student Blog 2018

Matthew Munson’s Blogs Leg 3

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities we’ve had to work on deck this leg; using the equipment gives a much better understanding of the theory we learn in school.

Spencer Nelson’s Blogs Leg 3

Back at the ship we ate some late dinner and watched Planet Earth. It was a great way to end a great trip. I’m hopeful I will have the opportunity to come again

Elizabeth Pesar’s Blogs Leg 3

Leland, Emilio, Ashley and I helped prime the CTD. In a word, OUCH. The tops and bottoms of each individual cylinder of the CTD are secured by really strong springs.

Emilio Tesin’s Blogs Leg 3

Every person on the Roger Revelle were/are incredibly welcoming and often hilarious, even when I was sea-sick I still felt at home aboard the ship

Leland Wood’s Blogs Leg 3

he goal of this dive was to install the profiler and PIA onto the mooring platform. The PIA was first and went in without a hitch.

Riah Buchanan’s Blog

The van is dark and quiet except for the pilots measured tones; they sit silhouetted by a wall of screens showing a strange world 1500 meters deep.

Amy Larsen’s Blog

Now that we are at Slope Base, I have noticed how different the water and biology is here