Category: Student Blog 2018

Bing Yu Lees Blog Leg 2

Without busy watches, the main lab became less quiet – filled with noises, which I think mostly from us, the students.

Eve Hudsons Blog V18

I have found that helping others out in the analytical lab is probably my favorite things to do on the ship.

Katie Keils Blog

Last summer, this girl from Arkansas went on her first research cruise in Washington state’s Puget Sound for nine days… then repeated it again a couple months later. Now, as I type, this same girl finds herself in the open ocean

Bing Yu Lees Blog

Surprises are astonishing as you can never expect when they would knock on your door…

Terrie Mannings Blog

Arrived in Newport boarding the Research Vessel (R/V) Roger Revelle, our home for the next 9 days.

Leroy Millers Blog

Only our second day at sea, and I already feel like a cod fish packed in salt. In our short time,

Rachel Scotts Blog

Another day at sea has left me aghast and falling even deeper in love with my career path. Today, I am at a loss for words: