James B. Edson (Leg 1)

Dr. Edson is a marine meteorologist who studies the interaction between the ocean and atmosphere to improve marine weather forecasts. He received his PhD in meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University in 1989. He spent 14 years at WHOI as a scientist (1991-2004) and 13 years at the University of Connecticut as Professor and Head of Marine Sciences (2005-2018). He is perhaps best known for his ability to make difficult measurements of turbulent exchange at sea from ships, catamarans, buoys, and spars in field experiments such as TOGA-COARE, MBL, GASEX, CBLAST, CLIMODE, DYNAMO, SPURS and NISKINE. He has also been actively involved in ocean observing systems such as the Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO), its Air-Sea Interaction Tower (ASIT) and sensor packages for the Ocean Observing Initiative (OOI) and Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS). These investigations have led to the development of new measurement techniques, instrumentation, and parameterizations including the widely used COARE algorithm and, most recently, the X-Spar. He returned to AOP&E as a Senior Scientist in 2018 to continue his research and rejoin the growing group of experts in air-sea interaction at WHOI. Most recently, he took over as lead PI of the Program Management Office of NSF’s Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). Dr. Edson became a fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in January 2020.