Georges “Gio” Kanaan (Leg 1)

I studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto, where I received my honours bachelor’s degree. I am currently a graduate student advised by Dr. Jody Deming at the University of Washington. I am enrolled in the dual-title PhD in Oceanography & Astrobiology. My research interests lie in understanding how bacteria behave in poly-extreme environments, specifically sea-ice, and what this can teach us about the hypothesized life on the ocean worlds of our solar system. My current project embodies my interest in bioremediation. I investigate the potential for arctic sea-ice bacteria to produce compounds capable of cleaning up future arctic oil spills. Given my undergraduate education, I have never participated in a research cruise before. I look forward to understanding the logistics, operations and capabilities of UNOLS’s most used ship in 2021, through the wonderful opportunity offered to me by the VISIONS’22 cruise.