Naomi Wu (Leg 2)

My name is Naomi, and I grew up in Bellevue, Washington. I am a senior at the University of Washington finishing up my Bachelor of Science in Oceanography.

I have always adored the ocean. In fact, my childhood dream job was to be a mermaid! Unfortunately my aspirations were crushed when I realized modern science just isn’t cut out to grow me a fishtail….so oceanography was the second best option.

My interest is mainly in geophysical oceanography, but I find all facets of the field incredibly engaging. For my senior thesis, I sailed on the R/V Thomas G. Thompson to map a fissure in the Submarine North Arch Volcanic Field located above Oahu, Hawaii, and I am so thrilled to sail on the Thompson again! I cherish that experience, and am honored to have the opportunity to learn even more about crucial at-sea data collection using state of the art technology.