VISIONS'19 Student Participants

For over two decades, the University of Washington has enabled at-sea experiences for undergraduate and graduate students through cruise participation. The UW has continued its commitment to the OOI Regional Cabled Array effort through use of the 274′ global class Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson and other UNOLS blue water ships e.g. this year students will sail on the Thompsons’ sister ship, the R/V Roger Revelle.  Each year, as many as 45 undergraduate and graduate students work and study alongside UW researchers, engineers, and the ship’s crew to learn all aspects of seagoing research, ship operations, and life aboard an oceanographic research vessel. Over 100 students have participated in this discovery program.

During the cruises, students develop projects around the use of robotic vehicles, mapping, and linkages among geological, biological, chemical, and physical oceanographic processes. Students share their experiences with the public through daily blogs and through the development of engagement projects. The VISIONS’19 cruise continues this tradition of taking students to sea.

Hayden Amidon

I am an undergraduate junior at the University of Washington’s Oceanography program. I am mostly interested in marine geology and geophysics. I’ve been working with

Ramya Ravichandran Asha

Hello! My name is Ramya and I am a second-year undergraduate majoring in Computer Engineering at the University of Washington. I am currently involved in

Stephen Bray

Stephen Bray is a current Computer Science Major at The University of Washington in his Junior Year. During his time there, he spent much of

Kailey Busch

Kailey Busch is an undergraduate at the University of Washington studying Earth & Space Science and works as a research assistant investigating the Great Oxygenation

Jacob Clairmont

With a curiosity for the natural world, I came to University of Washington from a small town in Montana back in 2017 pursuing a degree

Katie Gonzalez

Hey there! My name is Kathleen Gonzalez and I am currently a Junior at UW pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biological oceanography. I absolutely love

Katie Hill

Hello, my name is Hill! As an undergraduate student of University of Washington, I have pursued an interdisciplinary exploration of the conditions affecting life where

Eve Hudson

Hi! My name is Eve Hudson, and I’m from Clallam Bay, WA. I am currently a freshman at UW and I’m planning on majoring in

Joshua Lai

Hello! I’m Joshua Lai, a UW undergrad studying oceanography with a focus on biology though also dabbling in marine technology and data visualization. As of

Chelsea Meir

My name is Chelsea and I am a resident of New York pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at CUNY Queens College. This will be

Keith Jiang

Hello, I’m Keith, a freshman trying to get into one of the computing departments in UW. I’ve had no experience at all with things that

Lauren Schmahl

My name is Lauren and I am an undergraduate at Queens College, CUNY. I am interested in studying marine geophysics. This past winter I was

Christopher Williams

My name is Chris Williams and I am currently majoring in oceanography with a minor in chemistry at the University of Washington.