Mariela White

School of Oceanography Research Scientist

Mariela has worked at the University of Washington as a research scientist/engineer since 2013. She joined the OOI science team in June 2022, and helps ensure operation and installation of oceanographic instruments, facilitates the availability of quality data to researchers and others in the user community, and actively participates in all aspects of Regional Cabled Array QA/QC activities, both independently and in collaboration with UW data team and partner institutions. She participates in the annual summer RCA expeditions, assisting in preparation of pre-cruise planning reports and logistics, as well as helping with CTD casts and water sampling. She also executes maintenance and verification of critical metadata for RCA assets and instruments, investigates and resolves sensor and data issues, and helps to develop workflows and tools to increase the efficiency and capabilities of data evaluations.

John Delaney

School of Oceanography
Past Program Director and Principal Investigator