Eric McRae

Applied Physics Lab Engineer

Eric McRae oversees the electronic and software design of the vertical mooring system for the OOI RSN. With a long career in software design and engineering, he has worked for Burroughs Corporations in Wayne, MI, and for Applied Microsystems Corporation and Sundstrand Data Control Inc. in Redmond, WA. In 1991 he launched Electro-Logic Machines, Inc., his own embedded systems engineering company. Some highlights of his career include working with Ford Motor Company for five years to create software that monitors and controls all moving parts on engines and drive trains. His software has been in mass production since 2003 in most Ford vehicles (e.g., the Escape Hybrid and the V12 Aston Martin DB9). He also worked with Crane Aerospace to design and implement an ARINC communication protocol handler for Airbus landing gear controllers. At Pacific Medical Design he designed and implemented a device to lessen the likelihood of patient falls during hospital stays, and at Tera Computer (now Cray) he designed the power and cooling control system for their MTA-32 supercomputer.

Eric received his BS in Electrical Engineering with high honors as well as his MS with honors from Michigan State University. He was the 1975 recipient of the C.P. Jethwa Award for Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior. He was also the Grand Prize Winner for Motorola’s MC68HC16 Application Design contest in 1993. Also a writer, Eric has been published several times in Dr. Dobb’s Journal and Embedded System Programming.

John Delaney

School of Oceanography
Past Program Director and Principal Investigator