Tim McGinnis

Applied Physics Lab Engineer

Tim McGinnis’s main interest and expertise is in deep ocean engineering and equipment design. For over 30 years, Tim has been involved with a variety of towed- and bottom-landing-vehicle development projects, deep-ocean cabled observatories, and at-sea operations for mapping, imaging, sensing, and sampling the seafloor and water column in water depths to 5000 meters. Tim joined APL-UW in 2001 and was the System Engineer for the development of the NEPTUNE/MARS power system. Since then he has been involved with a number of mooring and profiler developments and deployments at APL. He is now working on the Ocean Observatories Initiative Cable Array project where he is the lead engineer for the ROV-mateable connectors, secondary seafloor extension cables, and development of the wire-following Deep Profiler vehicle and mooring.

John Delaney

School of Oceanography
Past Program Director and Principal Investigator