VISIONS’23 Student & Guest Participants

For over two decades, the University of Washington has enabled at-sea experiences for undergraduate and graduate students through cruise participation. The UW has continued its commitment to the OOI Regional Cabled Array effort through use of the 274′ global class Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson and other UNOLS blue water ships. Each year, as many as 25 undergraduate and graduate students work and study alongside UW RCA researchers, engineers, and the ship’s crew to learn all aspects of seagoing research, ship operations, and life aboard an oceanographic research vessel. Over 200 students have participated in this discovery program!

During the cruises, students develop projects around the use of robotic vehicles, mapping, and linkages among geological, biological, chemical, and physical oceanographic processes. Students share their experiences with the public through daily blogs and through the development of engagement projects. The VISIONS’23 cruise continues this tradition of taking students to sea.

OOI also provides opportunities for external scientists and guest participants to take part in our annual research expeditions in order to conduct their own research at OOI sites, create art, or document cruise events in writing. They assist in the day-to-day activities of the cruise, observe the seafloor and midwater environments we visit, and learn about the technology we use to conduct long-term deep-sea research.

Rika Anderson (Leg 1)

Rika Anderson is a marine microbiologist, geobiologist, and astrobiologist who studies how microbes and their viruses adapt and change over time in deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

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Max Borden (Leg 1)

I’m a rising junior Biology major from Carleton College joining as a part of Dr. Rika Anderson’s team. This will be my first time out

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Cameron Dalke (Leg 4)

Hello! My name is Cameron and I’m a rising junior. I was originally working towards a dual degree in law/policy and political science from University

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Kaitlin Harrison (Leg 1)

Kaitlin Harrison is a dual-title PhD student in the UW Oceanography and Astrobiology departments. She studies carbon fixation in extreme environments, including hydrothermal vents, sea

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Maleen Kidiwela (Leg 4)

Maleen Kidiwela is a fourth-year PhD student in Marine Geophysics at the School of Oceanography, currently working under the supervision of Dr. William Wilcock. His

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Vivi Kondrat (Leg 4)

Hi! I’m Vivi Kondrat, a sophomore at the University of Washington studying civil engineering. I’ve grown up visiting family on both coasts, and I’ve grown

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Eberhard Kopiske (Leg 2)

Eberhard is a visiting research assistant from the Geosciences group at the MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, Bremen, Germany. He is joining the VISIONS’23

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Brian Lam (Leg 2 & 3)

I am a second year undergraduate student in the Marine Biology major at the University of Washington. My interests lie in inter species interactions and

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Petek Mertan (Leg 1)

Hello! My name is Petek Mertan and I’m a rising junior at UW majoring in computer science. I’ve always been fascinated by deep sea environments

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Cal Mills (Leg 1)

Cal Mills is a junior Environmental Science major at CUNY Queens College. They are particularly interested in pursuing ecology restoration concerning plants and insects. In

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Dax Soule (Leg 1)

Dax Soule (Assistant professor, SEES) is an Assistant Professor of Marine Geophysics in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Queens College. Dr. Soule

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Jasmine Yearian (Leg 4)

Hi! My name is Jasmine, and I’m currently pursuing a double degree in Informatics and Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management. Recently, I completed my

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