VISIONS’21 Student and Guest Participants

For over two decades, the University of Washington has enabled at-sea experiences for undergraduate and graduate students through cruise participation. The UW has continued its commitment to the OOI Regional Cabled Array effort through use of the 274′ global class Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson and other UNOLS blue water ships.  Each year, as many as 45 undergraduate and graduate students work and study alongside UW researchers, engineers, and the ship’s crew to learn all aspects of seagoing research, ship operations, and life aboard an oceanographic research vessel. Over 100 students have participated in this discovery program.

During the cruises, students develop projects around the use of robotic vehicles, mapping, and linkages among geological, biological, chemical, and physical oceanographic processes. Students share their experiences with the public through daily blogs and through the development of engagement projects. The VISIONS’21 cruise continues this tradition of taking students to sea.

OOI also provides opportunities for external scientists and guest participants to take part in our annual research expeditions in order to conduct their own research at OOI sites, create art, or document cruise events in writing. They also assist in the day-to-day activities of the cruise, observe the seafloor and midwater environments we visit, and learn about the technology we use to conduct long-term deep-sea research.

Anabel Baker (Leg 1)

Anabel is a rising sophomore studying ecological engineering at Oregon State University after completing her Associates in Arts and Sciences and high school diploma through

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Connor Fink (Leg 1)

Hello, my name is Connor Fink, and I am currently an incoming sophomore intending to major in Informatics. After taking an introductory Oceanography class, I

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Cathe Gill (Legs 3-4)

I am a visual artist and a teaching artist with an insatiable curiosity about our natural world, the ocean, the land, the universe. Finding connections

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Kenneth Lai portrait

Kenneth Lai (Leg 2)

My name is Kenneth Lai and I am an undergraduate OOI intern majoring in microbiology and marine biology at the University of Washington. I am

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Rithu Manoharan (Leg 4)

My name is Rithu Manoharan and I’m a junior in Electrical Engineering who’s planning to specialize in either digital signal processing or electronic communications. I’m

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Divinity Paterson (Leg 4)

Hello! I’m a pastry chef-turned-scientist at the University of Washington, majoring in marine biology with a love for all things ichthyology. Debbie Kelley was my biggest inspiration

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Jazmine Robledo (Leg 4)

Jazmine Robledo is an undergraduate at the University of California Riverside studying Physics. One of her main interests is machine learning and its applications in

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Pablo Sobron (Leg 4)

Pablo Sobron develops sensing technologies in robotic Earth and planetary exploration that include Curiosity, Perseverance, and Rosalind Franklin rover missions and future missions to explore

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Han Weinrich (Leg 2)

My name is Han, a second year Oceanography and Biology double major. I am currently researching lead tracing in eelgrass beds using isotopic fingerprinting in

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